Jointly funded fibre broadband solution


Dear Parishioner

Bringing a jointly funded fibre broadband solution to our community

Broadband speed, or lack of it, has been an ongoing issue in the parish and it is highly unlikely that we will be getting superfast broadband for some considerable time. Many residents have drawn this HPC’s attention, from this Cllr Richard Holt has been looking into different options, the latest is with BT Open Reach.

Openreach have advised of the costs to bring fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) to our area, which would give download speeds of up to 330Mbps.  What’s even better is that funding via Gigabyte Vouchers for rural communities from the Department for Media and Culture have announced a new Rural Voucher scheme which you would be able to claim. The rates for SME’s which are business that have registered at the home address would be £3500 and residential properties would be eligible to claim £1500 if they formed part of the community fibre project.

If the 48 addresses listed in your registration were all keen to proceed. The cost of the community fibre project would be completely aggregated even if they were only a residential claim.

But this funding is limited so we need a prompt confirmation from the HPC residents if they wish to seek FTTP connection, via this funding scheme. If you are interested in can you please provide your full contact details, address and confirmation if there is a business registered at the property address. HPC need you to receive your replies by the 12th July 2019, Please contact us via the details at the bottom of this letter,

Core community – 48 Premises x £1,500 voucher = £72,000

Initial Estimate – £46,983.00

Cost Per Premise – £978.81 – meaning the FTTP connection will not require any resident contribution.


We must stress that HPC has no commercial arrangement with Openreach (nor will have); there are no ‘declarations of interest’ with Councillors; we are not endorsing the technology or the solution and; we are not in a position to subsidies any installation of the technology in the parish.  However, what we are doing is facilitating the introduction.

Ruth Burgess

On behalf of Hassall Parish Council

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Mrs Ruth Burgess
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