David Keane the Cheshire  Police & Crime Commissioner  has wrote to all Parish and Town Councils in relation to a number of volunteering opportunities that are now available. He has launched a volunteer recruitment drive to give local residents an exciting opportunity to make a real contribution to keep their communities safe, as well as gaining a real insight into a variety of key policing areas.

The volunteer roles that are currently available include: 

  • Independent custody visitors; 
  • Police dog welfare visitors;
  • Call management auditors; 
  • Front desk auditors; and 
  • Independent observers of protests and demonstrations

Full details of all volunteer roles are available on the website https://www.cheshirepcc.gov.uk/news/news/volunteer-recruitment-2018/ or by calling 01606 364103. Please note that the deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 02 July 2018.

Hassall Parish Council  would be grateful if you could forward this information to your friends, family, colleagues and to any other local residents within our area who you believe may be interested in volunteering. As always, Hassall Parish Council is fully committed to working to make Hassall a safer and proud place to live.

Winter Maintenance

Cheshire East Council, Highways department is responsible for the gritting of the highway. Please see information below:

Winter service

The winter service is prepared to grit major roads where there is a risk of ice, along with clearing snow on these routes. They do this to keep key routes safe and minimise delays as much as possible during the winter months.


Gritting routes

Cheshire East Highways department treat 1200km of Cheshire East’s highway network each time they carry out precautionary salting between October and April, through their gritting routes.

They grit on a precautionary basis prior to the formation of ice to prevent its formation on the road.

They treat pavements only when snow or ice is present and is likely to persist, and as resources are available. Priority is given to pavements that carry the greatest number of pedestrians (such as shopping areas and outside hospitals or schools) and pavements of gradients steeper than 10%.

Road Closure

Cheshire East Highways – Traffic Management Area Highway Group Report

For your information, please find attached the Traffic Management Area Highway Group Reports for works with various forms of temporary traffic control (e.g. traffic signals, road closure etc.).

The two Reports show Works that are both ‘Proposed’ and Works that are ‘In Progress’ over the following two week period.

Proposed :

Street Works – Proposed Congleton AHG24_05_2018 00_00_00

Street Works – Proposed Congleton AHG12_04_2018 00_00_00

Street Works – Proposed Congleton AHG08_03_2018 00_00_00  

Street Works – Proposed Congleton AHG15_02_2018 00_00_00

Street Works – Proposed Congleton AHG01_02_2018 00_00_00


Street Works – In Progress Congleton AHG24_05_2018 00_00_00

Street Works – In Progress Congleton AHG12_04_2018 00_00_00

Street Works – In Progress Congleton AHG08_03_2018 00_00_00

Street Works – In Progress Congleton AHG01_02_2018 00_00_00

Hassall Parish Council – Annual Parish meeting

Cllr Janie Stark, the chair of Hassall Parish Council, would like to invite our residents to the Annual Parish Meeting, to be held at 7:00pm, Sandbach Library, on the 10th April 2018. We look forward to seeing some of you there!

All Hassall residents are invited to come along and find out more about Hassall Parish Council and ask any questions that you may have relating to Hassall.