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We at Hassall Parish Council are proud of where we live and what to encourage further habitats for the local wildlife and also encourage other to keeps our parish clean and tidy, Currently the Parish councilors are working of a graft project plan for winter 2020 going into spring 2021 on a variety of tasks, please link below. If you eel you could help and volunteer in any way please get in touch.

Draft Project Plan 2020-21

The Wildlife – 

Meadows, woodlands, hedgerows, ponds, rivers and other wildlife areas are constantly changing, year by year, decade by decade. With guidance from the local rangers, Cheshire Wildlife Trust, local bird watchers and wildlife experts

Why do Local Wildlife Sites matter?


Project 1 – Tree Planting

Our first project is to plant 25 trees native to Cheshire along the wide grass verge on Alsager Road next to the Hassall Parish Council Notice Boards.

The trees have been planted as part of Hassall Parish Council Helping the environment initiative. Our aim is to create a more attractive environment for all; the planting will also improve the overall environmental quality.

We have engaged with land owners and spoke to other local councils who are also working on improving their local parish and town environments. We have also seeked specialist advice from experienced horticulturists regarding the species of trees which will grow well on this particular land and that will also not grow out of control and interfere with the cables above. Hassall Parish Council is looking to improve Hassall and this is one of our activities. We want to encourage the wildlife back into Hassall and not be scared of the busy nearby roads and new housing developments.

The trees will be maintained by the Parish Council, If you would like to join the Councillors as volunteers improving Hassall.


Project 2 – Wildlife Meadows and Bulb Planting 

Project 3 – Bird Boxes and Wildlife Houses

If anyone would like to get involved ad help with improving the Hassall Parish environment please get in contact with us.

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